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Black Opal, only from Australia

Black Opal, only from Australia

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Titre : Black Opal, only from Australia

Auteurs : Imagem Editions

Publication : Imagem Editions, 2019

Description : 195 pages, imprimé en France, - 196 Pages - 24 x 2 x 31 cm – 1.4 Kg

Langue : English

ISBN: 9780486268415

This book of Imagem Editions, magnifies and presents the Australian Black Opals through vivid and happy creations of Jewellers from around the world. This publication includes also mining, historical and gemological chapters, thanks to the collaboration of recognized black opal specialists and scientists. Discover or rediscover this modern and hypnotising gemstone...

Mining insight and historical aspects : Chris & Joel Price. Gemological articles: GRS lab Switzerland & LFG, Lab of Paris. More than 50 jewellers creations.

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